I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized that I was going to write this new blog post precisely one year from the last one I posted!


There has been a lot of work done since then and, because this started as a side business idea, we moved forward at a good but very slow pace.

It was in the past few months, and also in part thanks to the COVID19 situation, that I decided to begin moving at a faster pace and with a greater focus so Atomic Atsuki becomes what I envisioned it to be a few years ago!

Managing all aspects of an eCommerce store is not easy! It is great to know that I can count on my brother whom has brought plenty to the table yet the only way to get something done is by actually doing it.

Our New Products

In the past few weeks we have introduced a brand new snapback hat with our ばか design and our new Men’s ゲームオーバー or “Game Over” Shirt along with new store categories like t-shirts for kids and tank tops for women that you can check out right now!

We have also worked on improvements to the product pages, like the cool size and color selection feature, the size chart, and other minor adjustments we have completed along the way!

What’s Next for Atomic Atsuki?

New designs are coming out in the next few weeks. We really don’t want to release stuff just to release it SO we are taking our time to design amazing stuff to make you look great but we are definitely moving forward much faster (and things will continue to speed up!).

If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you just want to say おはよう (“ohayou” or good morning in Japanese [check out the pronunciation]), please use our contact form!


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